Harmonizing E-Invoice Interoperability Standards

The electronic landscape is growing rapidly, and the need to align the standards for interoperability models between e-invoice service providers has never been more present. 2019 saw the implementation of the Turkey standard for e-invoicing, but finding common ground for standardised processes in electronic data exchange between taxpayers and their technological service providers remains an ongoing challenge.

E-Invoice Application

With mounting pressure to comply with increasing regulations, many organisations are creating and managing their own e-invoicing standards, based on varying legal and technical requirements. The lack of unanimity results in difficulties for businesses to understand how to become compliant, remain compliant, and the general do’s and don’ts of e-invoicing interoperability within Turkey and Europe.

At Melasoft we actively work towards the standardisation and harmonisation of global e-invoicing. For that reason, we support and adhere to the the general communiqué numbered 509 for the Transmission of Electronic Invoices. The Communiqué was released in October 2019 by the Revenue Administration (RA). Documents like these are the foundation for creating a global e-invoicing model that is fair, transparent and efficient across all borders.

E-Transformation for Turkey

The Communiqué defines best practices for how e-invoice exchange in Turkey should be done in a legally compliant manner, especially when using e-invoice service providers.

The Communiqué recommends that e-invoice service providers first and foremost agree on and use one single technical format for invoice exchange between each other. This should be a standard invoice format which is published and easily accessible, following the RA standards.

Such uniformity will help service providers uphold basic formats which will undoubtedly provide for easier connectivity and streamline the standards and processes of interoperability—ultimately lowering the cost of e-invoicing for businesses.

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