The Fine for Not Arranging Despatch Note

Despatch note is a concept for the transport of a commercial good. Namely, it should be recorded while a commodity is being transported.

It contains information such as the subject of the good, the unit of the good and who the good belongs to. On the other hand, it does not matter whether these goods are transported between the same business or between two different businesses. Because the despatch note will be needed in both cases. However, many people wonder whether it is mandatory to arrange despatch note. The answer to this question will undoubtedly be “yes”. So it is a must to arrange despatch note. It also has a predetermined fine if it is not regulated. The fine for not dispatching may vary from time to time.

The Fine for Not Arranging Despatch Note

The fine to be applied in case of no despatch note is exactly 240 Turkish liras. At the same time, it is among those who should not forget that this amount will also be in question for each document.

Are There Any Other Documents That Must Be Organized ?

Undoubtedly, it is imperative that many documents are regulated in a system of taxes and especially in a state of law. Here is one of them Dispatch note. In addition to the despatch note; the passenger list, the daily customer list, the retail receipt, the passenger and entry tickets and the receipt from the payment recorder are among these documents. If these documents are not issued, the fine to be applied will also be the same as the fine for not the dispatching note as a rule.

Are There Upper Limits In These fines ?

Undoubtedly, the fine to be imposed in a state of law must have an upper limit. With this new limit introduced in 2018, this upper limit cannot exceed 12,000 liras in total for each determination. In addition, the penalty imposed in a calendar year cannot exceed 120,000 liras.