What Are The Advantages Of E-Waybill?

Reduce Your Error Rate in the Shipping Process

Before the shipment begins, the e-Waybill created system by checking the compliance of your document with the legislation forwarded to the recipient.

Otherwise, you can view your e-Waybill information.You can receive an answer electronically. Thus, shipment operations When it happens, there will be a reduction in your returns.

Avoid Archiving Expenses

Your e-Waybill for 10 years in the digital world can save, eliminates your physical archiving costs.

Ensure Compliance With Legislation

All TRA published in accordance with the regulations,keeps up to date. Not to be fined for irregularity publishes constant information for. So you dont have to follow the legislative compliance processes.

How from e-Waybill Utilized?

According to the statement made by the TRA, electronics Waybill can be utilized with 3 different methods:

1-Via the portal provided by the TRA

2-With direct integration: Through your own servers Directly integrated into the TRA.

3-Through a private integrator: a private permit obtained from TRA by agreeing with integrator companies.

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