Credit Card Storage Service

What is Card Storage?

It is a secure Melasoft IT service that allows people with credit cards and debit cards to register their cards and make easy and fast shopping without the need to re-enter their card information in their online transactions.


Your card information is stored on secure, PCI DSS protected servers.


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What kind of conveniences do we provide to workplaces?

  • We ensure that the customer’s private and sensitive information keeps. Thus, we eliminate the risks that may arise from data leakage.

  • In online transactions made by cardholders, payments are easily received without requesting card information for each transaction.

  • It ensures that the payments made are received quickly and securely.

Card Storage Flow for Businesses

  • Cardholders enter the card number and expiration date of the card they want to trade.

  • For credit cards and debit cards, ID or Customer No is taken.

  • Your card information is stored on secure servers.

  • If the cardholder wants to keep the card at the transaction time, 16-digit card number and expiry date information store on secure servers for the next transaction.

Why Melasoft Card Storage?

  • Melasoft servers store sensitive data of customers securely and carefully.

  • Melasoft manages transactions and reports on a single portal with its smart POS routing.

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