What is e-Ledger?

It is a whole of legal and technical regulations aiming to ensure preparation the notebooks that are required to be kept in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law and the Turkish Commercial Code in electronic format in accordance with the format and standards specified by the Revenue Administration, registration of them without publishing, guarantee invariance, integrity and accuracy of origin and availability as a means of proof by the authorities.

  • Melasoft e-Ledger completely recovers your company from paper, print and notary costs.

Melasoft e-Ledger Advantages and Features

  • To manage all company note books through a single cockpit

  • Ability to integrate with different integrators

  • Ability to authorize transactions

  • Logging operations

  • Putting your project into effect with fast integration

  • View your notebook with PDF / XML format

  • Ability to manage all processes and adaptations via SAP system

  • It controls the consistency of your data

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