IFRS Reporting

What is IFRS?

Independent External Audit is an investigation conducted to provide an opinion on the financial statements that are prepared by the audit companies to be submitted to the public and other related persons and organizations related to business in a manner that is accurate, realistic, and consistent between the accounting periods and arranged in accordance with the accounting principles.

Melasoft SAP IFRS

As an international standard is set for large companies with a large number of branches, financial reporting tasks are made easier for them.

It greatly simplifies all accounting procedures and ensures that a single reporting method is used in all branches of a company. Melasoft IFRS maintains this consistency and formalism; enabling investors, auditors and all stakeholders to view the financial characteristics and status of a company.

Melasoft IFRS Features

  • Increases flexibility in reporting

  • Reduces reporting cost

  • Provides comparable and current reporting all over the world.

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