Payment Institution and e-Money Institution

We produce solutions with our fintech products, infrastructure, core system, management and branch/representative/agency portals of organizations that want to operate in the field of fintech, especially payment institutions and electronic money institutions, web portal and mobile applications for end-users, and all kinds of web portals and mobile applications.

What is a Payment Institution / Electronic Money Institution? What authority does it have?

The term Payment Institution is understood as legal entities authorized to provide and perform payment services. Electronic Money Institution is the definition of legal entities authorized to issue electronic money.

Payment services; It covers all transactions necessary for the operation of the payment account, money transfer including the transfer of funds in the payment account, issuance or acceptance of the payment instrument, money transfer, payment transaction made to an IT or electronic communications operator operating as a means of payment, services for mediating invoice payments. In addition to these services, payment services; The payment order initiation service offered regarding the payment account in another payment service provider at the request of the payment service user, the provision of consolidated information on online platforms regarding one or more payment accounts of the payment service user with the payment service providers, the total size or impact in the field of payments means other transactions and services reaching the level to be determined by the competent authority in terms of its field.

Electronic money; It is the monetary value that is issued against funds, stored electronically, used to perform payment transactions, and accepted as a means of payment by natural and legal persons. The concept of electronic money is often confused with the concept of crypto money. While electronic money, which has a centralized structure, is subject to the supervision and control of authority, there is no authority behind cryptocurrencies. Decentralized cryptocurrencies often use blockchain technology and regulations are made by the majority of the user community.

Within the scope of Law No. 6493 on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions, it is possible to operate as a payment or electronic money institution in Turkey, provided that the necessary licenses have been obtained. One of the most important requirements for obtaining a payment institution or electronic money institution license is that the information systems are ready and operational. The information systems in question; is a whole consisting of four elements: software, hardware, processes and human resources. All four elements must be ready during the license application to The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. The basis of information systems is “software to be used in payment services”. All services that organizations will offer to their customers are carried out through this software.

With our Fintech solutions;

– PSD2 / API based Open Banking

– Money Transfer to Name (Domestic/International)

– Account Based Money Transfer

– International Money Transfer

– Payment Services

– Payment Gateway

– Electronic Money (Electronic Money Issue, Use, Conversion to Fund and Transfer)

– Credit Card Storage

– Virtual POS Integration

– Prepaid Card System Integration

– Bill Payment System Integration

We can offer solutions with our experienced and expert team.


– Preparing the basic payment service / electronic money software that your company will use

– Providing necessary updates and development support for payment service / electronic money software

– Supplying and integrating side software such as accounting program, SMS/Email service, Fraud prevention program, AML/CFT (Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism) programs

– The operation, management, coordination of your company’s information systems

– We can offer all of our services with our experienced and qualified staff as a whole and in a way that can fully meet your needs.

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