Property Management Solution

What is Property Management Solution?

It provides the opportunity to manage the leased or rented real estate processes from end to end of companies with a large number of stores and real estates.

Advantages and Features of Lease Management Solution

  • It enables tracking of all phases of the real estate contract process through a single cockpit.

  • It easily calculates all financial indicators during the rental period. By deducting the discounts from the monthly rent amount, it calculates the rent to be paid net by comparing with the minimum / maximum rent for turnover rents.

  • Automatically creates stoppage offsets records from the calculated amount.

  • Ensures the accuracy of the invoice by comparing the amounts calculated by the rent bill and the system.

  • Sends information e-mails to the owners of turnover indexed contracts.

  • Enables automatic calculation and implementation of monthly increases.

  • It can be adapted to your company’s needs with modern architecture.

  • Establishes the liability and interest accounting records to be generated monthly under IFRS 16 reporting.

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