SAP Change and Transport Organizer for Jira Documentation


Installation on SAP

Uploading the Transports

As an SAP component version, at least SAP ECC 6.0 is required.

Copy the transport files into the corresponding transport directory.

Eg: /usr/sap/trans/cofiles , /usr/sap/trans/data

Import the transport request into the according clients using the transaction STMS

1. JIRA Project-Board Tree Viewer

2. JIRA Issue (It only shows the issues of the selected project.)

3. JIRA Connecting SAP Request (Shows the requests received for the project.)

4. Update all project from JIRA.

5. Update all issue from JIRA.

6. It sends the request information to JIRA.

7. Create Request or Select old request for connecting JIRA.

8. Updating issue selected project from JIRA.

3. Transaction codes

/MLSAG/JIRA_MON Smart Bridge Monitor

4. Jira Token

Atlassian account>Account Settings>Security Settings>API Token

5. Jira Melasoft SAP SmartBridge

We will connect your SAP requests system. And you can follow them in our sap tool.


Click our tool on right side of issue page. You can see the tree table.

You will see data from SAP requests system as ‘request-id’, ‘owner’, ‘date’, ‘description’, ‘status’ and ‘type’.