Smart Exim Solution

Melasoft Import Solution Advantages and Features

  • By assigning the imported product to a single import file, it is ensured that the whole process is managed.

  • Tracking of goods on the road with the invoice information is provided within the system.

  • All of the goods invoice receipt and payment transactions are carried out via a single cockpit.

  • It is ensured that the declaration data is kept within the system.

  • Customs and warehouse goods tracking, listing

  • Appearance of the necessary information in the customs document in the import system

  • Import Side Cost Invoices are processed

  • The entry of permits and incentive certificates is provided.

  • Investment Incentive Tracking

  • Letter of Credit Document Tracking

Melasoft Export Solution Advantages and Features

  • By assigning the exported product to a single export file, it is ensured that the whole process is managed.

  • Keeping the information of shipping, delivery and dispatching

  • Inspection of drawing and packing processes from warehouse

  • Export deficiency audit with Goods Issue

  • Creation / processing / monitoring of required documents

  • Tracking of billing and customer receivables is provided

  • Accounting Invoice Entry according to cost types

  • Calculation of profit / loss calculation by file based on costs

  • Setting the closing status according to deficiency inspection

Melasoft Smart Exim Technical Specifications

  • Transaction and company-based authorization

  • Flexible structure adaptable to MS OLE in outputs

  • BADI outputs for customer needs

  • A Single screen management

  • Object – Oriented Enjoy screens

  • File scanning with mobile application

  • File storage with SAP DMS (Optional)

  • OCR integration (Optional)

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